Verb Tense Driller

With Tense Driller you practice basic regular verb tenses and its auxiliaries in affirmatives negatives and questions

Tense driller is an app for people studying english and who want to practice the basic structures of different verb tenses in sentences. It is meant to train using auxiliary verbs and phrase structures and develop a faster and more logical feeling of how basic structures are formed.

The app will practice 4 levels per verb tense, affirmative, negative and both also in question type of structures.

For students who want to use the app by themselves it offers 6 verb tense types, each in 4 levels plus an end quiz for each and a final quiz at the end of the 6 levels.

There is also an option to practice verbally, the original goal and foundation of the app, which is especially useful to be used by teachers in class to make students drill tenses in a higher tempo.