Q: Is there an Iphone version?
A: Not yet. But if there’s enough interest, I’ll release one.

Q: Aren’t there more verb tenses?
A: Yes, There are but this version only has 6 common tenses for now. Maybe in the future I’ll make one with more or different verb tenses.

Q: When I use a different word order, why does it still consider it correct?
A: The app has implemented a flexibility for acceptable adverb positions. It’s not the main focus of the app.

Q: When I don’t use a contraction, why is it wrong?
A: It’s not. In [menu]- [setting], activate / deactivate “contractions”. You can practice with or without contractions.

Q: Where can i see which level I’m currently in?
A: When you click [SPIN], right above it a small clickable help-icon will appear where you can see what structure you should be creating. It also shows the current level in the left – top.

Q: How can i see the tutorial again?
A: You can reopen the step wizard tutorial button in [menu]-[INSTRUCTIONS]

Q: Is everything always the same?
A: No. Each level will generate random phrases in each one of the 4 sessions and the quiz after the 4 sessions.

Q: Why does this correct phrase seem strange?
A: Since the app will generate random phrases sometimes a phrase might seem uncommon or would only make sense in some specific situation.