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If you need help, you can use the website form page or check the common issues below.

• How does it work?
– The idea is really simple;
1) You click [SPIN],
Next you look at the 4 random sentence parts with which you’re expected to create the correct phrase and you decide what this phrase should be
2) You click [GO]
3) You build the phrase clicking on the clickable elements
4) You click [CHECK] to check your answer

• I don’t understand when I need to make an affirmative or negative or question

– It depends on the picture of the emoticon. See the table below.

question (affirmative)question (negative)



• I want to see the tutorial again, what do I do?
– Click  menu and in [instructions] click on the steps-wizard picture.

• I want to save the current configuration, what do I do?
– If you’re a teacher and want to save your student’s practice configuration, click  menu and in [settings] activate teachers mode and click [student profiles], here you can save and load settings.

• I am a teacher and want to practice verbally with my student, what do I do?
– Click  menu and in [settings] activate teachers mode then activate [Practice] – [Verbal]

• Where to see the current level you’re in?
– Click  after clicking [SPIN], right above the [SPIN] button. There you will see the current level in the left top.