1) Practice
In practice mode you can continue to practice the levels you have completed or the one you are currently at. You will not level up during this mode.

2) Verbal
In verbal mode you can practice without having to click to make a phrase. The idea is to say your phrase out loud, check and then start the next one. You will not level up during this mode.

3) Phrase element size
The size of the clickable elements (verbs, pronouns, etc) which you use to create a phrase.

4) Contractions
Select whether or not to use contractions.  You can also set this option next to the [SPIN] button.

5) Teachers Mode
In teachers mode you can set configuaration of all the possible 4 elements. Mostly you’ll want to set verb tense and the affirmative / negative / questions options.

Unlock on Google Play will allow you to use Teachers Mode
Free trials allows you to try it out a couple of times so that you can evaluate it before buying.

6) Student Profiles
Here you can save configurations for students so you can quickly re-open what you were training with them.

7) Level config
You have the option to manually set the verb tense level (0-5), sub level (0-4) and counter (0-9).
The tense level chooses the current verb tense
The sub level chooses 0-affirmative / 1-negative /2-question (affirmative) /3-question (negative) / 4-quiz
The counter sets the number of correctly given answers so far.
To change values, slide them up or down. Click  to confirm after you make changes.