Are you a teacher and maybe recognize students making phrases like;

  • “He not work yesterday? why not?”
  • “Last week she don’t clean her room because she is busy.”
  • “My wife work every day.”
  • “You not played soccer since you were a child?”

If so, you’ll probably be interested in how to use this app in classes.

The objective of Tense Driller driller is to train people choosing the appropriate auxiliary verb and make a phrase structure based on affirmative / negative / interogative. Eventually this should be second nature to a student. Of course each randomly generated phrase would ideally require some ‘contextual circumstances’ for it to make sense. So after a couple of times you’ll notice that, while practing with a student, within a second or two you know what phrase is expected, and you could give the student some hypothetical situation such as “Imagine John asks Mary why xxxxxxx and Mary might then respond what?: ……….(yyy)” where yyy is the expected phrase which would make sense in that scenario

Although the default of this app is a clickable student-mode, it was initially created to be used verbally [teacher-student]. You can do that as follows; first, take a look under  menu and choose [Settings] (read more  on Settings page). You’ll want to select “Teachers Mode” in combination with (“Practice”)-“Verbal”

[Practice] – [Verbal]
In verbal mode you can practice without having to click to make a phrase. The idea is to say your phrase out loud, check and then start the next one.

Teachers Mode
In teachers mode you can set configuration of all the possible 4 elements. Mostly you’ll want to set verb tense and the affirmative / negative / questions options.


• You can so chose whether or not to use contractions.  And you can set this option to be visible next to the [SPIN] button.

• When you have multiple students, under the Teachers Mode selectbox you find Student Profiles where you can save configurations for students so you can quickly re-open what you were training with them.

• In Level config you have the option to manually set a students level. Remember the level mode only is relevant if they use the app in the clickable level up mode.

• When drilling your students, and clicking [CHECK]  you can actually toggle through the 4 emoticons by clicking it so it will jump through the 4 variations (aff / neg/ Q aff / Q neg). Click the emoticon and then [CHECK] again.